who are we ?


worked on big systems like AS400 and  now  he switches to micro. He lives close to Paris and provides tools to the other Alain for solving problems and he lodges the site.


the photograph is now retired in the ARVERT area instead of his birth land SWITZERLAND because his wife grows up here . He knows the name of all stars in the sky and built himself a big telescope.  He likes very much history and Elisabeth and renaissance music.


the webmaster

Alain Deliquet in 2009

also retired in Savoie, he love the SAINTONGE , which is also the place where his wife, sister of Michel's wife, was living when she was young! He tries to give sense to the Romanesque sculptures of XI e and XII e , which he found of best interest . He likes sailing, folk songs & dances.

He rebuilt & drives  an old car Peugeot 172BC .

He has nothing to do with the homonym Alain Deliquet who wrote a book "Le chant des cerveaux · Lennon McCartney"


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